St Joseph's Hospital-Kitgum is a Private Not for Profit hospital, PNFP. According to the financial report for 2009/2010 the major source of income was generated from the donors (48.0%), Government of Uganda PHC funds (34.0%), other income (5.0%) and user fees collection (13.0%). Of the overall operational budget for the hospital, donor funds contributed three quarters of the hospital income to cover both the capital development and recurrent costs while user fees only shy of 13.0% of total budget. The user fees charged to patients has always been low since most of the patients who seek medical service are vulnerable and can't meet high user fees with the ever increasing costs of running health care delivery.

The average costs of treating a patient at Outpatient department costs 3.00 EUR (4.22 USD), including consultations, tests, and drugs while at inpatients department it cost an average 10.00 EUR (14.07 USD) inclusive of Consultations, testing and intensive care. These are relative prices for individual clients. Major surgery interventions cost 13.00 EUR (18.29 USD).

As the Hospital strives to promote life to the full and to heal, we believe that by you donating a small sum, not only you can make the difference for someone in Kitgum, but you will also contribute to the social and economic development of this region.

Due to the low socio-economic status of the population in this area, the significance of locally generated funds or user fees is likely to remain low for a longer time. External donation is at the moment relevant to fund hospital activities till the economic activities in the region pick up.

To ensure continuity of service delivery, the hospital has embarked on raising funds and mobilization strategy to make sure the beneficiaries and other stakeholders' needs are presented. Albeit, the process is yet underway, the hospital in its 5 year strategic plan has identified key areas of intervention to improve on the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery. Among the key priorities are;

1. Supplies of Medicines and Sundries for the sick [60,000.00 EUR (84,375.28USD)]
2. Medical Equipment
a) Operation Light [5,960.00 EUR (8,382.08 USD)]
b) Enhancing the laboratory equipment with the adoption of electrolyte analyzer [7,450.00 EUR (10,482.15 USD)]

3. Rehabilitation of TB Ward [50,000.00 EUR (70,363.29 USD)]
4. Rehabilitation of Medical Ward [75,000.00 EUR (105,544.93 USD)]
5. Construction of Doctors house for more doctors requested to cope with the increasing working load. [300,000.00 EUR (422,128.07 USD)]
6. Construction of Intern Doctors Block for student doctors on internship at St. Joseph's Hospital [250,000 EUR (351,810.01 USD)]
7. Rehabilitation of Nurses Block [14,490.12 EUR (20,403.59 USD)]
8. Rehabilitation of Doctors Block [25,981.41 EUR (36,586.52 USD)]
9. Autoclave Machine (100litres) for Theatre [17,828.67 EUR (25,101.44 USD)]

We believe that good health is a prerequisite for everybody, including you and me ..... If you believe in this course, let's join our hands together and contribute to improve the health of our children, women, elderly and the vulnerable.

You can deposit your contribution to the account below or contact the hospital Medical Superintendent/Chief Executive Officer through Email or Mobile Phone.

Here are the bank details you'll need:
Bank Name : Stanbic Bank Uganda Limited
Bank Address : P. O Box 7131, Kampala

Pay Through Bank : Dresdner Bank AG
Location: Frankfurt Germany

Stanbic Account number: 449/08178562/00/888

Beneficiary Stanbic Bank: Crested Towers Branch Kampala
Beneficiary account : 7040053290801
Beneficiary name : St. Joseph's Hospital Kitgum
Beneficiary Address : P. O Box 31 Kitgum-Uganda

Payment Details : Specify purpose of donation/funds

For any enquire please contact the Medical Superintendent/Chief Executive Officer Dr. Lawrence Ojom at:

Office Contact:
St. Joseph's Hospital-Kitgum
P. O Box 31
Tel : +256-471-439-284
Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

CEO/Medical Superintendent Contact:
Tel: +256-772-611-929
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you in advance...

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